Oprichter van TZeD Steffen Morrison schittert in nieuwe muziek video

Onze eigen Steffen Morrison brengt vandaag zijn allernieuwste muziek video en single "Little Bit Longer" uit. In de live muziek video zie je Steffen de ziel uit zijn lijf zingen. Samen met zijn geweldige muzikanten die hij "The Band Of Brothers" noemt schittert de oprichter en podiumbeest van TZeD als nooit te voren.

Op zijn facebook pagina schrijft Steffen het volgende over dit liedje

"Why I wrote this song?

You ever wonder what would happen if you just hold on a little longer?
I aimed at writing a song about not giving up to fast on things you know are worth fighting for.
My career in the music industry is a testimony of this. 
There have been plenty of times where I considered giving up on music because of the effect of it on every other aspect of personal life. There have plenty of times where I just simply did not enjoy making music or dealing with all the other stuff that has to do with the industry.
I had to relearn how to enjoy the art of music while balancing my personal life.
By realizing that holding on to the things that make you happy (Both in music and on a personal level) means that a lot of times its more than just having fun. It is also about those dire moments.
So the best remedy is to hold on a little longer.
Hope you enjoy the song cause I pore my heart and soul into it"

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